Upgraded App, Organizer Dashboard & More

There are a lot of new and existing changes and additions at myRVPlist we’d like to share with you

  • New myRVPlist app - in January we rolled out the new myRVPlist app which is faster, cleaner, more stable, and easier to use.  Thanks to all the users who used it in the spring elections we have gotten great feedback on new features to add and are already working on the next round of updates to roll out in the coming months.  Stay tuned.

  • Empowering Field Organizers

    • We have revamped the field organizer’s workflow within myRVPlist starting with a new dashboard that helps put the important tasks of the day at the field organizer’s finger tips.  By incorporating volunteer management best practices into these workflows, we hope it will result in less training time for organizations to bring new staff up to speed and increase productivity among staff.

    • It is now easier than ever for a field organizer to manage their own personal RVP List while also managing their volunteers.  Field organizer no longer need a separate login to have a personal list, they can manage their own list straight from their field organizer dashboard.

  • Recruiting and Onboarding Volunteers is now easier - There are now even more ways to bring volunteers into the system with less effort.  Each organization now has their own “Committee Code” which can be shared with new volunteers so they can easily sign-up within the app on the spot without requiring a field organizer to create a login for them.  Need help getting this set up for your organization? Let us know.

  • More Customizations to make myRVPlist match your organization’s branding - You can now change the terminology used within the site, such as changing what “RVP Leaders”, “Voters”, and “RVP List” are called.  You can also upload your organization’s logo to be displayed in the menu bar and even create a custom login screen to display your organization’s logo and background image.

  • Suggesting Nearby Targets -  Not only can your volunteers import in their own phone contacts or come up with their own names, now your campaign can suggest potential people to add to their brainstormed list based on where the volunteer lives.  For example, myRVPlist can let the volunteer know their next door neighbor isn’t registered to vote or is a high priority campaign target and suggest the volunteers add their neighbor to their list.

We are hard at work on building out the next round of features users have requested and will have more exciting news to share next month.  As always, if you have questions on how to use any new features or if you have suggestions on other things we can add to make your experience better, let us know!