At PF Data, we are organizers first.


Our Mission

All of PF Data's services and software have been created in conjunction with political staff who have been in the trenches with campaigns and organizations and understand the reality on the ground. Not only do we have the knowledge to be able to answer your questions, we have the experience to provide solutions to the questions you haven't even thought to ask.

We are campaign organizers, managers, and political software users who build the tools we want to use.  We share your organization's pasion for your work and understand the challenges you face.

At PF Data, we design and manage custom database software solutions for campaigns, political groups, lobby groups, issue organizations, non-profits, and governmental entities.  We pride ourselves on building easy to use software that requires minimal training for basic users to operate while still being robust enough to handle the needed tasks reliably.  Based in Wisconsin, PF Data has been designing software tools for over a decade for organizations across the country.

Whether you are an individual campaign, a large political organization, if you are migrating from an existing system, or starting from scratch, PF Data has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your political goals.